Mahmood, 2020 – EN

Iraqi Turkmens Between the Past and the Future: A Historical Critique of Policies

Heersh Hasan MAHMOOD



Turkmens live in many parts of the world, especially in the Middle East. Iraq, one of the countries with the most complex structure of the Middle East region, hosts a large Turkmen population within its territories. Turkmens who have been living in Iraqi lands for centuries are, and have been, one of the most important elements of the ethnic structure of the country in question. Because these ethnic groups are more dependent on their own traditions and history compared to other ethnic groups living in the country, it is seen that the Iraqi Turkmens have a unique place from a social point of view. For this reason, it is crucial to state that the Iraqi Turkmens are always subjected to pressure and violence by the central authority. The study focuses on two basic elements that are thought to be highly interconnected. The socio-cultural life of the Turkmens, the political events they encountered throughout history and the policies implemented on Turkmens by different Iraqi regimes will be evaluated and discussed. The fundamental problem is that the Turkmens are not considered an essential element in the Iraqi social structure and that they are considered as a minority.


Keywords: History, Iraqi Turkmens, Democratization, Human Rights, Policies.