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Orcid Prof. Suat KOLUKIRIK

Scopus webofscience

Akdeniz University,

Faculty of Letters, Department of Sociology,

07058 Campus / Antalya / Turkiye

Mailing Address / Come find us at
Akdeniz University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Sociolog 07058 Campus/ Antalya / Turkiye
Managing Editor

Orcid Prof. Nursel AYDINER AVŞAR

Akdeniz University,
Serik Faculty of Business Administration,
Department of Economics and Finance,
07500 Serik / Antalya / Turkiye

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Orcid Res. Assist. Dr. Elif GÜN

Phone : +90 242 227 4400 / 3267
+90 555 8783669

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