Plagiarism Policy

Ethical violations such as plagiarism are unacceptable by Journal of Sociological Context and it is primarily author(s)’s responsibility to ensure that submitted articles do not contain such violations.

All submitted articles are examined via Turnitin, and a similarity report is received prior to the peer review process. If the similarity rate is 20% or more, editors share the results of the report with the author and reject the article without sending them for review.

Plagiarism Action Plan and Journal Precautions

The journal respects intellectual property and aims to protect and promote the original work of its authors. Articles containing plagiarism are against the standards of quality, research, and innovation. Therefore, all authors who submit articles to the journal are expected to comply with ethical standards and avoid plagiarism in any form. If an author is suspected of plagiarism in a submitted or published article, the journal’s Editorial Operations Manager reviews the work first. This work is then reviewed by the Editorial Board. The Journal then contacts the author(s) to submit their comments within two weeks. If the journal does not receive any response from the author within the specified time, it requests the investigation of the claim by contacting the university to which the author is affiliated. The journal will take the following serious precautions against published articles that are found to contain plagiarism.
-The journal will immediately contact the university to which the author(s) are affiliated, in order to take final action against the related author.
-The journal will remove the PDF copy of the published article from its website and disable all links to the full-text article. The phrase Plagiarized Article will be added to the title of the published article.
-The journal will disable the author’s account and reject all future submissions by the author for a period of 3 years. 

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