Author’s Guide
  • When uploading your work to the system, please be sure to upload the copyright form and plagiarism report along with it. In addition, if your study is a work that requires ethics committee approval, you must add the ethics committee approval document. Your articles will be checked by our journal in the pre-control phase with the Turnitin program.
  • You need to review your references and check the compliance of our journal with the writing rules. Articles that are not edited in accordance with the editorial rules of our journal will not be evaluated.
  • Articles should include a statement that the Research and Publication Ethics are complied with.
  • In studies requiring ethics committee approval, information about the permission (name of the committee, date and number) should be included in the method section and also on the first or last pages of the article.
  • At the end of the article; Researchers’ Contribution Rate statement must be stated.
  • We kindly ask you to submit your article after making sure that you formatted it in accordance with our journal’s writing rules.
  • Studies based on scales that are frequently used in the field and researches on subjects that have been studied extensively are rejected if they do not reveal a new orientation. In all types of research, importance is given to the up-to-dateness of the data. If it has been 5 years or more since the research data were collected, it is stated that the studies are out of date.
  • As a result of the preliminary evaluation, if the studies do not comply with the writing rules of the journal and do not meet the general criteria, the author of the study is notified with the justification of the Editorial Board that the study cannot be included in the referee evaluation process.
  • Please make sure that your documents are not missing. Articles with incomplete documentation will not be evaluated.
  • Organizing the article according to the journal article template,
  • The compliance of the article with the current writing rules of the journal,
  • Title (Turkish-English), author information (Title, Institution, E-mail, ORCID ID),
  • Abstract (150-300 words),
  • Abstract (to be checked by our foreign language editor),
  • Keywords (5 words, the first word being a field of Science),
  • Main text (4,000-7,000 words excluding abstracts and bibliography),
  • Tables and figures (should have numbers and titles, reference should be made in the text, only the expression ‘Figure’ should be used for visuals, maximum 20),
  • Footnote (Footnotes should not be used for reference),
  • Quotations (Direct quotations exceeding 40 words in the article should be written 1.5 cm inside the right and left sides in 9 points and italic. If the number of words taken directly is below 40 words, the expressions to be quoted should be shown in quotation marks.)
  • Citations and Bibliography must be in accordance with APA 6 or ISNAD 2 editions,
  • The Author Form must be uploaded throught the system,
  • The Copyright Form must be uploaded through the system,
  • The plagiarism report must be uploaded through the system (at most 20% similarity, a similarity report will be generated by the editor of our journal)
* Articles organized according to these formal features should not exceed 30 pages.
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