Sosyolojik Bağlam® 2023 4 (1)
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Dear Readers,

Sociological Context is an international peer-reviewed academic journal that has set out to examine the changes and problems experienced in today’s world from a sociological perspective and with the contributions of different disciplines. It is expected that the studies published in the journal will contribute to the literature and lay the groundwork for new studies. Sociological Context is a knowledge sharing and discussion platform that belongs to the world of science and all researchers with academic concerns, in addition to a group of academics who have undertaken the editing and publication. It believes in the necessity of original, impartial and solid methodological studies in an editorial context. The procedures regarding the article acceptance and publication processes of our journal are open to the inspection of the relevant responsible institutions. We would like to thank those who contributed to the publication of our April 2023 issue, our journal boards, referees and article authors for their contributions. Any suggestions will be enlightening for us.


Editorial Board

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